December 1, 2016

Vacuum or penile pump device | Should I get one?

Prostate cancer brings its share of inconveniences, such as a loss of sexual appetite to start with.

Regarding this matter, the penis pump can allow you to compensate your sexual issues after treatments against prostate cancer. Moreover, we have received many questions from you, readers, on this subject, namely if you should get one or not – it is why we have decided to dedicate a series of article to it.

Quality Matters

First, it is important to know that the penis pump, also called penile pump, is a fantastic accessory, provided that you know how to use it and get a good one.

Indeed, to be effective, it must be suited to your member’s size. It is why it is useful to ask the advice of a professional to help you to choose the right accessory and to maximize the device’s efficiency. In the next article, we shall see where the sexual accessory can be found and which one to purchase.

How does the Penile Pump Work?

Allowing to compensate most of impotency issues, the penile pump works with peripheral low-pressure. It allows to bring the blood in the penis and makes it swell through a cylinder in which the penis is inserted. Then, the air is emptied from it.

Thanks to a pump, electric or manual depending on the model, the air is vacuumed from the tube in this way, and it is that vacuum that brings blood in the cavernous body of the penis. To maximize the results, it is preferable to apply a specific jelly around the base of the penis, in order to create a seal before using the pump.

Note that this seal will be easier to create if the pubic hair is shaved. This practice is trendier, so just think that you will hit two birds with one stone if you are hesitating to shave, since it might also please your partner.

Next, once the penis is swollen, the pump is taken off. To prevent the organ from losing its erection while removing the device, you have to install a tourniquet at the basis of the penis. This ring will maintain the erection until it is withdrawn.

The Advantages

The penile pump provides many advantages. It is, in fact, the only natural way to obtain an erection without side effects. Moreover, the penile ring of the pump stops the ejaculation by retaining the sperm, which will flow at the withdrawal of the ring. It also retains the urine, so it can be useful if you have urinary losses issues.

In Addition, the Penile Pump:

  • Is an excellent re-education tool to encourage the resurgence of small blood vessels that may have been traumatized during a surgery to treat prostate cancer.
  • Can be used daily.
  • Is very affordable.
  • Represents an interesting value for money, since it can last for years.

The only disadvantages of the pump are that the couple needs to find a way to integrate the accessory in its sexual activities without causing annoyances. Furthermore, the ring cannot be worn more than 30 minutes. On that matter, it might be interesting to experiment it a few times, to find the right size of the ring and a good erectile tension.

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