Tour du Courage PROCURE

Cyclistes sur leur vélo et pédalant lors du Tour du Courage PROCURE

The PROCURE Tour du Courage

Tour du Courage PROCURE et cancer prostate

In order to increase prostate cancer awareness, PROCURE organizes several signature events throughout the year. Every day in Quebec, 12 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Given the magnitude of this statistic, the PROCURE Tour du Courage is a major challenge which is somehow reminiscent of the struggle faced by men with prostate cancer and their families.

The idea of the PROCURE Tour du Courage was born from the desire to educate men about prostate cancer through a major cycling event. The goal of each participant is indeed to encourage men with prostate cancer to face their very own challenge.

In 2019, come and pedal for the cause

The 10th edition of the Tour du Courage PROCURE will take place on June 16, 2019 on Father’s Day.

In recognition of the 12 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer every day in Quebec, cyclists will be challenged to climb up to 12 times Mount Royal! But you have the option of choosing your own personal challenge at registration, and are free to increase or decrease your number of ascents on the day of the event. The cycling event will take place on the Camillien-Houde, a circuit known both by amateur and professional cyclists.

Funds raised

The funds raised during this event, added to those collected during the PROCURE Walk of Courage, were initially used to allow the first provision of biological tissue samples from the PROCURE Biobank to the National Human Genome Research Institute (USA), resulting in a project on the characterization and complete analysis of the prostate cancer genome.

As a second step, they will enrich the PROCURE Biobank for the benefit of the patients. Very high quality biospecimens, combined with clinical and sociodemographic data from a large number of men with prostate cancer, will give a new impetus for research into this disease. The end result will be that one day, cancer patients will receive optimal treatment, at the right time, avoiding unnecessary interventions: this the premise of customized medicine.

Join us on June 16, 2019 for this major event, to register click here!

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