Prostate Cancer Support & Awareness Network

To find the support group nearest you, consult our list,  email us at or call 1 855 899-CURE (2873) or 514 341-3000. We will be happy to guide you.

PROCURE Prostate Cancer Support & Awareness Network (PPCSAN)

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they and their loved ones may feel like their world has turned upside down. We know that in these difficult times, it is comforting to be able to rely on a support group and talk to someone who already had a similar experience.

The PROCURE Prostate Cancer Support & Awareness Network is designed to provide information, free and easily accessible services and resources and assistance to survivors of prostate cancer and their families through support groups in their community. (Read the press release)

PROCURE Prostate Cancer Support & Awareness Group (PPCSAG)

The PROCURE Prostate Cancer Support & Awareness Group mission is to inform, raise awareness and provide support to men and their families to enable them better understand this disease and its evolution, differentiate between the ins and outs of various treatments, and above all, realize that life does not stop there! The group meetings normally take place on a monthly basis, are free and open to everyone. For more information, call 1-855-899-CURE (2873) or send an email to

In order to facilitate coping mechanisms in the face of a diagnosis of prostate cancer, men and family members may join a support resource. It offers regular meetings where people come together to share with others who have been through a similar experience. These groups also help meet various emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs that you may experience.

Prostate cancer support resources can be led by cancer survivors and/or professionals and have the following purposes:

  • Help you voice and share your concerns about the physical and psychological implications of prostate cancer in an emotionally supportive atmosphere
  • Enhance your understanding of prostate cancer, its treatments and side effects
  • Facilitate more active involvement in your treatment plan and
  • Encourage you to adopt more active, health-promoting coping strategies

Some studies have demonstrated that patients who joined a support resource had less stress, less confusion and less fatigue than those who did not attend. Those patients also felt a greater sense of control over their disease.

To find the support group nearest you, consult our list,  email us at or call 1 855 899-CURE (2873) or 514 341-3000. We will be happy to guide you.

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