July 24, 2015

Awareness of the PROCURE Biobank and its new website

With around 40,000 samples currently available from 1,970 participants who had surgery for their prostate cancer, the PROCURE Biobank has become a valuable tool and an invaluable resource for researchers working in this field.

It has already provided more than 6,000 aliquots for two pilot projects, one in Quebec and one in the United States (National Human Genome Research Institute). Moreover, it is now listed with the Canadian Tissue Repository Network certification program.

To follow the progress of these research projects and more to come, we have created a website dedicated to the PROCURE Biobank (biobanque.procure.ca) and its partners. In addition to being internationally recognized by researchers and specialists in prostate cancer, the agency now has an expert consultant whose mandate is to establish a five-year plan for the next phase of the Biobank’s development and sustainability.

Thanks to the PROCURE Biobank, researchers can validate their findings because of the large number of participants and moreover, because the same set of samples taken from one patient is available both before after surgery and, quite often, for many years in the future. Because of his great wealth, the Biobank will be put to use for various large-scale research projects. To date, few biobanks devoted to prostate cancer can offer such comparisons.

PROCURE has, since 2003, invested $4.6 million in research on prostate cancer through its biobank.

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