March 16, 2017

5 Tips for Slimmer, Healthier, and Tastier Meals

To prevent prostate cancer or to simply enjoy eating well, it is necessary to find healthy recipes to satisfy the appetite without causing you to go excesses or yield to urges for snacks. Here are five tips for recipes that make for slimmer, healthier, and tastier meals.

  1. Choose healthy cooking methods

The method of cooking greatly affects the food. Parchment paper, the oven, the water, the grill, a non-stick skillet, or a microwave: the cooking methods that make food less fatty and promote good weight management are numerous. Such cooking methods do not require adding fatty substances, such as butter or animal oil, and do a better job at preserving flavours and vitamins in the food. Why not adopt them?

  1. Replace the butter with apple sauce

In order to lower the amount of fat in a cake or a muffin, for example, replace the butter or oil with the same amount of apple sauce. The same goes for sugar: replace half of the sugar amount in your recipes with that amount of apple sauce.

  1. Choose your proteins better

Reducing your fat intake is simple if you choose the right proteins to consume. Generally speaking, it is preferable to consume lean meat, such as chicken, turkey, or white fish. Red meat lovers should aim to choose cuts like the loin, rib eye, or sirloin. Moreover, it is preferable to choose extra-lean ground meat, as it contains 50% less fat than the regular ground meat.

  1. Opt for the non-fat yoghurt

When you cook, a 0% fat yoghurt is a great way to replace many sources of fat. It is an excellent substitute for mayonnaise and oil in sauces and dressings. The possibilities for seasonings are endless: curry, garlic, ginger, coriander, lemon… this is only limited by your imagination.

  1. Replace cream with unsweetened condensed milk

Cream may be delicious, but it’s also one of the richest and fattiest foods. In your recipes, replace it with unsweetened condensed milk, making it possible to obtain the same density. It contains less fat, and the 5% dairy blend is very heat-resistant, while the 15% country-style cream is thicker than cooking cream or table cream.

Follow these five tips, and you will reduce your fat intake considerably while keeping the delicious taste in your favourite recipes. That is a great thing to achieve, especially if you are suffering from prostate cancer and need to keep a close eye on your diet.

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