April 2, 2019

Did you say prostate cancer?

When I went to the hospital to receive the results of my biopsy, I was ready for anything except what I was going to hear that morning... prostate cancer! Yet, even if after the fact I realized that I had all the symptoms leading to a diagnosis of prostate cancer, I refused to face reality and hoped that all these clues were ultimately the effects of an enormously stressful period in my life and that all of this would fade in the weeks to come... and blah blah... Pure rationalization! The truth was far from that.

Experience would teach me that there is the subjective perception of the patient; and that there is the objective truth of the biopsy. The latter was soon to reveal itself.

Le couperet: J’ai le cancer de la prostate – A passage from the book Le cancer de la prostate en noir & blanc, co-authored by Jean Fils-Aimé and radiation oncologist Peter Vavassis. English version to be available soon.

We must face the fact that every day, 12 Quebecers are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Despite the hype about this disease, it is clear that men living from cancer still tend to isolate themselves, compared to women.

As Jean Pagé, spokesman for PROCURE, often mentioned, receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis from our doctor is a shock that leaves us speechless and unable to express the questions that are jostling about in our head. Emotions are often so strong that we either hear only part of what is said or only the word cancer. We know it because we’ve been there.

There is support, and it is available at 1 855 899-2873

Today there is still an urgent and acute need to help those who receive this diagnosis. Once the initial shock has passed, the patient is in distress and is faced with a series of questions while resources are usually very limited. He can make another appointment with his doctor, but in such times of crisis, waiting times often become a challenge in and of itself.

At times like this, being able to talk to a health professional who is specialized in this field often helps to alleviate your fear of the unknown, to get answers to your concerns, to have a more objective view of your situation, and to be less worried about what is to come. At PROCURE, support is available and easily accessible by phone. Their role is to listen to you, reassure you, support you, and answer all of your questions, in complete confidentiality.

Don’t hesitate. Contact us at 1 855 899-2872 to discuss with one of our nurses specialized in uro-oncology. It's simple and free, like all of our other services.

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