June 18, 2019

Your role while on hormone therapy for prostate cancer

For many men with prostate cancer like you, a short or long-term hormone therapy, combined or not with another treatment (eg radiotherapy), offers the hope of a long life by controlling your illness. Hormone therapy blocks your testosterone, a hormone known to stimulate the growth of prostate cancer.

A matter of the heart
Although it is a standard treatment, hormone therapy is not without adverse effects. There is more and more research that your cardiovascular health may be at risk due to the metabolic effects of the treatment. This risk is even greater if you have had cardiovascular problems or if you are at risk.

Examples of metabolic effects
While on treatment, you may notice some changes, including:

  • a weight gain, especially at the level of your abdomen
  • a decrease in your muscle mass
  • a higher sugar level during your blood glucose test
  • a higher cholesterol level in your blood test
  • a higher blood pressure when taking your blood pressure

You may notice that these changes are worsened by:

  • fatigue limiting your activities
  • a poor diet - rich in fat, salt and sugar
  • mood changes such as anxiety or great stress
  • consumption of alcohol and/or tobacco

Your role as a patient is important
As you have prostate cancer, it is important to consider your heart health during your treatment.

  • Ask your family doctor how to control risk factors to maintain your heart health
  • Choose two or three goals from this leaflet and write down one or two steps to help you reach them
  • Keep track of your medical follow-ups and assessments of your risk factors for the duration of your treatment

What you can do now
Be sure to download and print both leaflets; one is for you (the blue one) while the other is for your family doctor (the purple one). Share the contents with your life partner and family. Also, share the other one with your family doctor who will play a key role in your care. Do not hesitate to ask for help!

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Your role while on hormone therapy for prostate cancer
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