August 29, 2019

Case Stories: Robert

We have already shared the case stories of Réal, Jean-Michel and Louis, Franck and Paul (Jean François et Michel), Larry and Charles (Laurent et Charles), as well as those of  Eric and William (Yvon et William). Here is Robert's, extracted from the new book edition Prostate Cancer - Understand the disease and its treatments, 2019.

"[…] Robert, 67, Volunteer chauffeur"

“Robert was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago. At that time, the cancer had spread to his bones. He was prescribed an LH-RH analog (hormone therapy) and did well until a few months ago, with his PSA dropping from 150 at the time of diagnosis to 1. Six months ago, his PSA began to rise, and he developed intense pain in his hip and lower spine. He received radiation therapy and zoledronic acid, and these relieved most of the pain in his hip. He then began chemotherapy with docetaxel (Taxotere) every three weeks at the outpatient oncology clinic. His PSA dropped from 50 to 2.5, he felt much better and his pain disappeared completely. Apart from hair loss, he tolerated the chemo­therapy quite well. It has now been three months since he finished his chemotherapy, and he complains of some recur­rence of pain in his lower back. In addition, his PSA has gone up to 30. Otherwise, he is feeling very well..

His options were discussed with him. Since he is feeling healthy and had a good experience with previous chemotherapy, he has decided to begin cabazitaxel (Jevtana), to be administered every three weeks. He remains optimistic, con­tinues to eat as well as possible, and stays active. He is well aware that a cure is not possible, but he is encouraged by the positive results reported with cabazitaxel, abiraterone, enzalutamide and radium-223. These options are likely to help when the time comes for more treatment. He knows that abiraterone is another option if needed in the future, as is MDV3100. He is also aware that he could have access to new therapies by participating in ongoing clinical research […]” (Fred Saad, MD, FRCSC and Michael McCormack, MD, FRCSC, 2019, p. 147)

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Sources and references
Prostate Cancer – Understand the disease and its treatments; Fred Saad, MD, FRCSC and Michael McCormack, MD, FRCSC; Fifth edition, entirely revised and updated, 2019. © Fred Saad and Michael McCormack, 2019 - Annika Parance Publishing

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