September 23, 2019

Welcome life… Serge’s story

Welcome life... The second part of Serge's testimony

"In my previous testimony, Alone against my diagnosis, I mentioned that when my prostate cancer was announced, a very aggressive cancer, my partner at the time had ended our relationship, the disease - especially cancer - not being her cup of tea. So I found myself in front of two serious situations to digest and I must admit that the lump in my throat did not pass at all.

There is no easy way to be diagnosed with advanced cancer. Struggling to understand what it meant for me, for my future life, only resulted in total confusion and feelings that ranged from overcoming and numbness, to sadness and fear.

In retrospect, I understand today an important thing: that there is no "right" way to manage the feelings that one experiences in these moments. We can only manage this stage of our life as best we can. I also understand that we cannot change our relationships with certain people around us. Not everyone handles news of a serious illness the same way.

Exactly and strangely, being forced to make decisions to manage my illness has helped me focus on the two things that are most important to me: my health and my well-being. Once these two aspects were under control, I had to convince myself that my prostate cancer and the side effects that result from the treatments would not hold back my hopes of finding the rare pearl. And I was right to believe it. When I met Nathalie, I was frank and honest about my condition. No hiding places, no pretense. I never felt fear, rejection, discomfort on her part, on the contrary. Active listening, respect, an open mind, and a great understanding are the qualities that emerged from this beautiful woman. It is therefore important to get over our anxiety of displeasing or not being good enough for someone else and to take on the risk of hurting.

As for sexuality, I was once again frank. Between an erection and life, I chose life. Too often we forget that the simplest pleasures are those that make life better. And as Martin said so well in his testimony, the advances in research, the new treatments available to delay the progression of this crab and its metastases, the additional years of life that I have in front of me, play in my favor. Hope is definitely there!

And I intend to take advantage of every moment and appreciate what surrounds me to the fullest, without any regrets. And it is with pleasure that I lend you this same intention."


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