December 17, 2019

5 Prostate Cancer Myths

Myth 1: Prostate cancer causes erectile dysfunction

Fact: Prostate cancer does not cause erectile dysfunction. This is a tenacious myth even if the prostate does not control the erection of the penis. Different nerves control erection and orgasm. If you have erection problems, don't blame the prostate: it can't do anything for you. A doctor, yes. In reality, the prostate contributes to male fertility by secreting substances essential to the survival of sperm. Without it, no natural fertilization is possible.

Myth 2: Vasectomies cause prostate cancer.

Fact: It was once believed that vasectomies made men more at risk for prostate cancer; this question has been the subject of careful research. Epidemiologists have discovered that there is no connection between vasectomy and the risks that men will develop prostate cancer. This myth has been recognized in the past because doctors of men who have had a vasectomy make them undergo a prostate examination more often than the others and sometimes, they accidentally discover the presence of cancer during their visit.

Myth 3: Radiation therapy makes man and his sperm radioactive after treatment

Fact: The patient undergoing external radiotherapy is never radioactive. The patient receiving permanent brachytherapy may remain radioactive for a brief period thereafter. Radioactive pellets do not make bodily fluids, such as urine or semen, radioactive. There is no danger of radiation transmission to a partner. In addition, even if a pellet is ejaculated into the partner it is not dangerous. The only disadvantage for a patient during the period when the seed radiation decreases rapidly is that he must avoid close or intimate contact if his spouse is pregnant.

Myth 4: Prostate cancer is inherited; you can only catch it if there is one in your family

Fact: It has been observed that a family or hereditary predisposition is found only in approximately 15% of cases of prostate cancer. And even if cancer is hereditary, that doesn't mean you will get it. Medicine does not fully understand why some people will get prostate cancer while other family members who share the same genetic and environmental heritage will never have it. There is a message there: let us live our lives in the healthiest way possible to avoid all illnesses, physical and mental.

Myth 5: Marijuana cures prostate cancer

Fact: Research on the therapeutic benefits of marijuana is still inconclusive. However, smoking, as with smoking tobacco, has been linked to lung and mouth cancer. Evidence suggests that cannabis has helped treat or even fight cancer for some people, but for the scientific community, such stories are just that: stories. Most of the time, these observations are not based on scientific facts. This mistaken myth makes patients want to use marijuana instead of trying painstakingly proven treatment. It's like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. There are no considerable and significant clinical trials demonstrating that cannabis has therapeutic capabilities, which is why it is not yet possible to make conclusive claims.

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