January 9, 2020

According to a study, men know little about the role of their prostate

September 2019 - Survey reveals men's low level of knowledge about the health and the role of their prostate. From the European Urology Association press release. Click here to read it in its entirety.  

The ignorance of men over 50 years of prostate health is alarming, according to a new survey conducted at the request of the European Urology Association (AEU), although after the age of 60, more 40% suffer from an enlarged prostate.

This survey of 3,010 men over 50 in the United Kingdom, Germany and France aimed to assess the level of knowledge of the prostate. This survey showed that only one in four men (26%) over the age of 50 is able to correctly identify the main function of the prostate.

The study found various misconceptions about prostate health, especially enlarged prostates (BPH), with only 38% of participants able to correctly identify the disorder. A healthy prostate is about the size of a walnut, and its main function is the production of seminal fluid that carries sperm. Although its size increases slowly with age, only one in six participants (17%) correctly stated that the symptoms of an enlarged prostate are not a sign of "normal" aging.

According to Professor Hein Van Poppel, urologist and Deputy Secretary-General at the EAU (European Association of Urology): "The results are worrying, especially when we know that the men targeted by the investigation in this segment of age are most likely to suffer from prostate problems such as cancer and prostate enlargement. The incidence of these conditions and their consequences for medical practice will only increase with the aging of the population. We must, therefore, ensure that men are well informed in order to consult and, if necessary, seek medical treatment quickly."

Other survey results "in brief"

  • Knowledge of the main function of the prostate increases with age (21% in the 50-55 age group to 35% for men aged 70 and over);
  • When or if they have to talk about the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, the majority of participants (61%) prefer to speak to their treating physician;
  • One in four participants will turn to the Internet to learn more about their symptoms and only 13% will talk about it with their spouse.

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