March 7, 2020

Do Aphrodisiac diets exist?

First, a little Google search with the most powerful aphrodisiac foods keywords generated about 824,000 results in 50 seconds! Subject of interest you say? Secondly, Aphrodisiac diets and the many aphrodisiac concoctions (food, plants, spices, among others) to improve your performance and your sexuality are not new, but since the dawn of time and still attracting lots of interest. However, are there really foods that can have an impact on your libido or manhood?

According to Geneviève Marchand, nutritionist-dietitian at Équipe Nutrition in her article on May 23, 2019: "Many rumors circulate about aphrodisiac foods, but little scientific evidence is available." And the expert adds: "This is the case with chocolate which improves mood, but which nothing proves to be a sexual stimulant. And for oysters, despite their high zinc content which increases the production process of sperm and testosterone, nothing scientifically indicates that they fuel libido."

Indeed, if certain foods have the reputation of stimulating the sexual appetite by intensifying the sensations linked to excitement, such as body temperature, heart rate or physical energy, their action on sexuality may be, in fact, due to the placebo effect.

You see, if there was evidence that a single food could improve your libido, performance or sexual pleasure, it would probably be sold ... all over the planet and at a high price. 

The term aphrodisiac is derived from Aphrodite - Do you know her?

The term aphrodisiac is derived from Aphrodite, the goddess of sexual love and beauty in Greek mythology and appeared for the first time around the 18th century. Legend has it that when Aphrodite was born from the white foam  - produced by the severed genitals of Uranus (Heaven), after his son Cronus threw them into the sea - and rose from the sea, seafood became considered aphrodisiac foods.

The use of aphrodisiacs is akin to a folk tradition. Most are used to stimulate libido, performance and sexual pleasure. Who has not heard that chocolates, strawberries, oysters can have such a powerful effect? Historically, aphrodisiacs have included even more original edible products - including the toxic Spanish fly, ground rhino horn, rare plant extracts…

In truth and as mentioned above, there is little evidence to support the effectiveness of most substances considered to be natural aphrodisiacs, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Research has shown that they are largely ineffective in producing a sexual response in men or women.

And what if some do have a real "aphrodisiac" virtue?

According to Dr Sandrine Atallah, a renowned Lebanese medical psychosexologist, it has been shown that for the rare substances having a real "aphrodisiac" virtue, the collateral and toxic damage are significant.

“Thus Cantharide, our famous Spanish fly, causes significant inflammatory irritation of the urinary tract with congestion of the penis and therefore, men get an erection at the risk of renal hemorrhage or even cardiac arrest! The sudden deaths during the famous orgiastic feasts at the Cantharide of the Marquis de Sade bear witness to this. The Mandrake, plant of Mediterranean origin especially famous for its phallic form, also conceals many toxic substances. If Nutmeg potentiates desire, it causes cramps, as well as intoxications in large doses. Ditto for Banded Wood, whose vasodilatory properties have never been scientifically proven, but whose side effects have been well demonstrated."

There is nothing wrong with experimenting, unless...

While it is okay to experiment with most foods to see if they are effective natural aphrodisiacs, be aware that some supplements containing extracts from insects or plants can be toxic.

Some products marketed as natural aphrodisiacs also contain ingredients of prescription drugs - such as sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, an erectile dysfunction drug - that are not disclosed on the label. These ingredients can be dangerous if you have certain medical conditions or if you are taking specific medications.

Bottom line

On the one hand, a balanced diet, an active lifestyle and good mental health can improve your sex life. And a visit to the doctor can help in the event of the emergence of a sexual disorder for no apparent reason.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an effective way to increase your sexual desire, why not take time to embrace your loved one, kiss her and whisper love words and tell her how desirable she is…

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