Worried about your symptoms? When to consult!

Your prostate, the tiny sex gland responsible for your ability to fertilize an egg, can become finicky with age. Indeed, it can cause very annoying and, in some cases, alarming signs and symptoms. Worried about your symptoms? When to consult! is an article for you if you are nearing 50 years of age.

Although you are aging beautifully and wisely, your prostate may decide to make your life a little less pleasant with initially worrying signs – like blood in your semen or urine – or symptoms like urinating often. Some signs and symptoms come on without warning, and others gradually progress as the months and years go on.

As your prostate talks to you and gently asks you to see a doctor, several of you, and we know something about it, are turning to Dr. Google for a home remedy or a natural health product that will solve your visits to the bathroom or the signs that worry you.

So when to consult?

Your urinary problems are growing?

Getting up at night to urinate several times and having difficulty emptying your bladder is not normal. In fact, poorly emptying your bladder means stagnant urine, a perfect nest for the proliferation of bacteria that can lead to a urinary tract infection or inflammation of your prostate. These urinary symptoms are often related to a large prostate (BPH), a natural occurrence as men get older. Although this condition is quite benign, it is important to consult to be sure.

Your prostate hurts and you have a fever?

You may have acute bacterial prostatitis. See your doctor immediately or go to the emergency room if you have fever, chills, or pain in addition to urinary symptoms. Most cases can be cured with antibiotics. You may also need medication to relieve pain or discomfort.

Do you have persistent pain in the pelvic area and/or difficulties with urination and ejaculation?

Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome, is a common prostate problem, although notorious for being the most difficult type of prostatitis to live with. It can cause pain in the lower back and genital area (perineum), urinary frequency and urgency (often at night), burning or painful urination and ejaculation. If you have these symptoms, see your doctor. Treatment may require a combination of medications and lifestyle changes.

Your semen is pink or red?

Do you see blood in your semen? If your bleeding lasts for more than a month (except with a recent prostate biopsy) or if a lump can be seen or felt in your scrotum (commonly called a pocket), consult. If you do not have any of these signs and you are over 35, you’ll still need to see a doctor, but with a few weeks’ break.

Your urine is pink or red?

If you see a lot of blood in your urine (red vs. pink urine), if you are over 50 years old, or if you have swelling of the feet or legs in addition to high blood pressure (your pressure is high), consult. Your doctor will take you through a series of tests to find the cause.

You are unable to urinate?

Are you taking baths or applying warm washcloths to your bladder with the hope that soon or later you will be passing urine? If that is the case and if you have not been able to urinate, go to the emergency room right away because you have a urinary blockage. Acute urinary retention can be life-threatening. Often a consequence of BPH, a blockage can lead to permanent damage to your bladder, hence the importance of getting quick medical attention.

You are 50 years old or have a family history of prostate cancer or you are a black man?

You should consult now for prostate cancer screening. Sneaky, silent, and the most common male cancer, prostate cancer is curable at an early stage when confined to your prostate.

Gentlemen, your motto should be to see a doctor if you have any strange symptoms. Delaying a consultation with a doctor will only make the problem worse, if not your anxiety. You should also see a doctor if you are at risk for prostate cancer. Better to prevent or cure!

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