July 1, 2021

5 Tips for slimmer, healthier, and tastier meals

Whether you want to prevent prostate cancer or simply eat well, here are 5 tips for slimmer, healthier, and tastier meals. But to get there, it's important to find recipes that will satisfy your appetite, without overdoing it or giving in to snacking impulses. In fact, swapping out calorie-dense food for a healthier choice while staying true to your serving size is one of the easiest ways to boost your health and lose weight, if that's your goal.

And for a healthy marriage, think about exercising!

1 - Choose healthy cooking methods

The cooking method plays a big role in our diet. In foil, in the oven, boiled, on the grill, in a non-stick pan or in the microwave: there are many methods of slimming cooking and promoting healthy weight management. They do not require the addition of fatty substances, such as butter or animal oil, and, in addition, they better preserve flavors and vitamins in food. All the more reason to adopt them!

2 - Replace the butter with applesauce

To reduce the amount of fat in a cake or muffins, for example, replace the butter or oil part with an equal part of applesauce. The same goes for sugar: replace half the amount of added sugar in your recipes with an equal part of applesauce.

3 - Choosing the right proteins

Reducing the fat you eat is simple if you choose the types of protein you eat. In general, it's best to eat lean meat, such as chicken, turkey, or white fish. As for red meat lovers, they benefit from choosing cuts such as tenderloin and sirloin. In addition, it is better to go for extra-thin ground meat, which contains 50% less fat than the regular version.

4 - Opt for 0% yogurt

In cooking, 0% yogurt is a must-have to replace many sources of fat. It makes a great substitute for mayonnaise and oil in sauces and dressings. With curry, garlic, ginger, cilantro, lemon: the seasoning possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination.

5 - Replace the cream with unsweetened condensed milk

Although delicious, the cream is one of the richest and fatty foods around. In your recipes, replace this with unsweetened condensed milk, which achieves the same consistency. Not only is it less fat, but the 5% dairy cooking cream is ​​heat resistant and the 15% country cream has a thicker texture than cooking and table creams.

By following these five tips, you will significantly reduce your fat intake while maintaining the delicious taste of your favorite recipes. This is a big advantage, especially if you have prostate cancer and need to pay special attention to your diet.

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