Weight loss or gain: what to do?

Eating well during your treatment to avoid weight loss or gain is essential to your health. Nutritional needs may be higher during prostate cancer treatment. You’ll need a good supply of protein, nutrients, and fluids, but not necessarily extra calories.

Medically reviewed by Surgeon-Urologist Dr. Vincent Trudeau on 02/25/2022

Proper nutrition can aid your recovery, preserve muscle mass and strengthen your immune system. That said, no single food or nutrient can provide all of these benefits on its own. The best strategy to meet your nutritional needs during this time is to eat a healthy and varied diet whenever possible.

Do not hesitate to call on a nutritionist. Together you can determine if you are eating well and choosing foods that are good for you. She can take your side effects into account in the diet she suggests.

In case of risk of weight loss or proven weight loss

We can think that a varied and balanced diet is important in the case of cancer. However, during malnutrition or at risk of malnutrition (weight loss), the priority is no longer the same: above all, we seek to cover the body’s calorie and protein needs in order to maintain a stable weight. Indeed, in this case, the food balance takes second place and the consumption of preparations rich in calories and proteins is to be preferred. The fact that the calories come from “less healthy” preparations is of secondary importance, as the maintenance of good nutritional status becomes particularly important.

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In case of weight gain

Are you overweight and want to lose some weight? Certain treatments such as hormone therapy can cause unintended weight gain. During the treatment, the priority will be to slow down or stop this weight gain. On the other hand, it is not recommended to start a slimming diet which could be dangerous.

Energy intake should be reduced by favoring fruits and vegetables and limiting fatty and sugary foods. In addition, when possible, the practice of 30 minutes daily adapted physical activity is recommended.

Suggestions for affected men struggling with weight gain

In the article Weight gain: I can’t see my toes you will find tips for maintaining a healthy weight, whether you are on hormone therapy or not. 

Giving your body all the nutrients it needs will make it easier to maintain your weight, maintain your strength and stay active – all of which help to reduce fatigue – not to mention that it will help the recovery process.

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