The demystifies prostate

PROCURE demystifies treatment choices

There are a number of treatments for prostate cancer. Depending on your stage and grade, your age, health, medical and family history, you may have several options. The decision is never easy. While Alain took the option of active surveillance, Winston preferred a complete removal of the prostate. Find out how 4 of our patients made their treatment choice.


PROCURE demystifies screening and diagnosis

Many people have advance notice of prostate cancer screening and diagnosis, they believe that only a digital rectal exam can detect it. Yet other solutions, which will reassure the most reluctant, exist. Our patients say it better than we do, talk openly to your doctor about the risk factors for prostate cancer, because there’s nothing to be embarrassed about!


PROCURE demystifies the need for support

Learning that you have cancer is never easy. It’s like the world is falling apart on your head. When you hear the word “cancer”, everything is turned upside down and a multitude of emotions, worries and concerns overwhelm you. It is a hard blow that you MUST NOT live alone! It is important and necessary to find support, to express your emotions and to talk openly about what is bothering you. While Jean preferred not to tell his family, he was able to find comfort through our 7/7 support line that connects him to nurses specialized in uro-oncology. Alain, on the other hand, found support with his children. But they are all out of the woods, and we have to talk about it!


PROCURE demystifies urinary and sexual disorders

Our patients are unanimous that open and honest communication is essential to deal with these changes. Whether it’s that famous erectile problem that men don’t talk about or urinary incontinence, these side effects don’t make you less than a man. Although your virility seems to be affected, what matters is your health and our patients have understood this. Here is the testimony of Winston, Claude, Alain and Jean, who will help you forget the prejudices you have!

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