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You want PROCURE to increase its presence in Quebec?

Thank you for considering fundraising for PROCURE. We greatly appreciate your support and the generosity of your initiative. In order to support you in your efforts and to contribute to the success of your event, we have developed guidelines specifying both your responsibilities and those of PROCURE. We thank you for following these guidelines, which are designed to make your event planning as efficient and simple as possible.

Since your event is to raise funds for PROCURE, we suggest that you mention “The funds raised will be used to support the mission of PROCURE” or “To the benefit of PROCURE” on the materials intended to promote it.

Choose an activity that motivates you.

You can organize an activity alone, with a group of friends or colleagues, or at your workplace.

For instance, you could organize a sporting event, a breakfast , a jeans day or a Bow tie sale.

The fundraiser can include awareness-raising about PROCURE’s mission. The Foundation can support you with this.

Set a date, a location and a timetable.

Make sure there isn’t a similar kind of event that might compete with yours on the same day.

Get all the necessary authorizations to use the location of your choice.

Plan out each step from today to the event date.

Determine your needs.

List your needs ahead of time so the event can run smoothly: volunteers, supplies (tables, chairs, tablecloths, signs, decorations, etc.).

PROCURE has tools and materials at your disposition:

  • a donations or peer-to-peer website personalized for your event;
  • posters;
  • Bow tie;
  • donation boxes.

Get all the necessary authorizations, permits and insurance.

Some events may require permits:

Make sure you follow the rules.

Set a fundraising goal.

Set a goal. Establish a budget. Assess your estimated income, expenses and profits.

Promote your event.

Develop a plan for promoting your event:

  • Determine your target audience.
  • Determine how best to reach them: email, social media, posters, promotional cards, etc.
  • Send out all your messages: date, time and place of your event, event description, and the cause it’s supporting.

Don’t forget to have all the promotional material approved for your event if you plan to use the name and logo of the PROCURE Foundation.

Thank your donors, volunteers and participants

Tell them about the amount raised to help the 12 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer every day.

Submit your project now!

Are you ready to carry out your fundraising project? We invite you to fill in the mandatory project form. Upon receipt of your application, a member of the PROCURE team will contact you. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of people affected by prostate cancer!

Prostate cancer
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