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After confronting prostate cancer, your loved ones or you yourself may be looking for an activity to put a smile back on your face and to give others the same support you received during this trial.

Yes, you understand: volunteering for an organization near you or for PROCURE could be a good way for you to feel better!

Volunteering improves health

It’ has been proven that giving a little bit of our time to a cause we care about has a positive effect on our health. In the UK, several studies have been reviewed and their results have been published in the BMC Public Health journal. They have found that, on average, volunteers are happier and live longer.

Becoming a PROCURE volunteer

It is always better to volunteer when the cause is important to you. If prostate cancer affects you, volunteering for PROCURE on a regular or occasional basis could make a difference not just in your life, but also in someone else’s life.

Depending on your interests, availability, and experience, we can suggest several activities that will allow you to contribute to our organization in your own way. Here are some of the options available to you:

  • Participate in our awareness events (volunteer, photographer, social media)
  • Promote our annual conferences by phone or in your area
  • Man our kiosks and represent PROCURE to publicly promote our organization
  • Provide telephone support to people with prostate cancer and their families if you have experienced doing this
  • Helping out with office work to support our administration
  • Translating and editing the content of our publications (Web, newsletter, correspondence)
  • Sometimes, just being there to ask if we need help, is helping and motivating in itself.

If you are interested in a rewarding volunteer experience, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal to answer your questions and welcome you to our team of volunteers!


How to get involved

Are you looking to make a difference?

devenir un bénévole cancer prostate

Are prostate cancer and the development of research tool to fight against cancer causes that are important to you?

Become a volunteer for PROCURE!

With your help, we can increase our public outreach and raise awareness of this disease. Get involved now by filling out the registration form. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Some volunteers have become PROCURE Ambassadors. We chose one of their testimonials to inspire you.

Michel Beaulieu

bénévole de l’année Michel Beaulieu cancer prostate

An amazing PROCURE ambassador known for his dedication, support, and outstanding contribution to the cause.

“At the start, my involvement was to support all those affected by this disease in their rehabilitation efforts, while helping to support PROCURE in its mission, a cause that was close to my heart, having known men affected by the disease. Prostate cancer. It’s true that “cancer” is a scary word. We often hear it and we know that prostate cancer affects one in seven Quebeckers. But I would never have thought that I would be affected. I must admit that at 49 years old and being pretty fit, I had a hard time getting across the island of Montreal after hearing the famous word cancer. But it was by undergoing this ordeal that I understood how important support is. My teammates from the Les Évadés|L’Empreinte team, participants in the Tour du Courage PROCURE since 2013, and Laurent Proulx from PROCURE, were there for me when I needed them most. And they still are. I understand today the courage and determination of survivors and their loved ones, in the face of this disease. I know that my involvement in the cause is making a real difference in the lives of those affected by this cancer. And knowing that I can bring a ray of hope to my peers touches me deeply. It is for this reason that I will continue to be involved for the cause, which is now my own.”


Recognition and Awards

Awards, recognition, and paying tribute to our volunteers

Volunteering is the most basic act of citizenship and philanthropy in society. It means putting yourself at the service of others and giving your time, energy and skills freely. Volunteer work is rewarding in all sectors of society: health, education, social services, youth, culture, sports and recreation, arts, and the environment. While the contribution of volunteers is undeniable, their work is not always fully recognized because they often work behind the scenes.

That is why we give our volunteers the recognition that is due. By paying tribute to them, we shed light on the crucial importance of their past, present, and future contributions to the prostate cancer case, the most prolific cancer of all male cancers.

Our gratitude to our volunteers is expressed in many ways at PROCURE:

  • Verbally at public events or events
  • A letter of recognition on behalf of the Board of Directors. For students, the number of hours can be specified if their school curriculum requires
  • Recognition in our annual newsletter
  • Recognition in our annual report
  • The “Founding President” Award presented annually to the Volunteer of the Year

The “Founding President” Award

Every year, this award is presented to a volunteer for his or her outstanding contributions to PROCURE. This formal recognition takes place at one of our flagship events—the PROCURE March of Courage in June—in front of the public. Official photos are taken and broadcast across our communication platforms. Here are the recipients of this prestigious award.

2017-Michel Beaulieu

bénévole de l’année Michel Beaulieu cancer prostate

Congratulations to Michel Beaulieu, 2017 recipient of the “Founding President” award, PROCURE Ambassador recognized for his dedication, support, and exceptional contributions to the cause and unwavering fidelity since the first edition of the PROCURE Tour of Courage in 2010. Thank you Michel, you give hope to the 12 Quebeckers who are diagnosed with prostate cancer every day.

2016-Ghislain Lapointe

bénévole de l’année Ghislain Lapointe cancer prostate

Congratulations to Ghislain Lapointe, 2016 recipient of the “Founding President” award for his outstanding contributions to PROCURE. This is why we would like to acknowledge the invaluable support and generosity of Ghislain Lapointe to the prostate cancer cause. Thank you Ghislain, you are making a difference in the lives of people affected by this disease!

2015-Gaspard Fauteux

bénévole de l’année Gaspard Fauteux cancer prostate

Congratulations to Gaspard Fauteux, 2015 recipient of the “Founding President” award, for his outstanding contributions to PROCURE and for his tireless dedication in working with the National Assembly to adopt a motion to make November 19, Québec Prostate Cancer Awareness Day. Thank you Gaspard, for your invaluable support of the prostate cancer cause.

2014-Peter Tetreault

bénévole de l’année Peter Tetreault cancer prostate

Congratulations to Peter Tetreault, 2014 recipient of the “Founding President” award, for his outstanding contribution to PROCURE. This former Director of the Brome-Missisquoi Prostate Cancer Support and Awareness Group and a survivor himself has dedicated himself to the cause and has demonstrated exemplary generosity in his manifestations and goals in advancing the cause. Thank you Peter for highlighting the needs of a support group

2011/2012-Gilles Falardeau

bénévole de l’année Gille Falardeau cancer prostate

Congratulations to Gilles Falardeau, recipient of the “Founding President” award in 2011 and 2012, for his outstanding contributions to PROCURE. This prostate cancer survivor not only acts as an ambassador to organizations such as the SQ, the SPVM and the Canadian Armed Forces, but is also the reason for awareness campaigns across Québec and the “race” part of our Walk. Thank you Gilles for your wonderful work.

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