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Informing you is part of our mission

One of PROCURE’s missions is to inform people about prostate cancer. To do so, we organize webinars to inform, support and raise awareness.

Presented by PROCURE, “PROCURE Health Talks” is a series of free online webinars led by qualified health professionals to educate men and their families on all subjects related to prostate cancer.

Topics covered include prostate cancer, treatment options, sexuality, nutrition, exercise, as well as new treatments and managing side effects.

Our experts address all the issues that concern you for a shared moment of help and exchange. Ask us all your questions at, our experts are here to answer them.

All our webinars are available on our YouTube channel.

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Caregiver: Surrounding Yourself To Help

The evolution of the disease of a loved one always requires adaptation from the person being helped as well as the caregiver. Know that there are resources to support you. If you are a caregiver, this webinar with Julie Bickerstaff, Caregiver Information and Knowledge Transfer Director at L’APPUI, will help you understand the path of caregiving and share how to acquire the right tools to avoid exhaustion in your caregiving role.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our specialized healthcare professionals on our toll-free information and support line at 1 855 899-2873.

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You will find below all the episodes of PROCURE HEALTH TALKS published in the last year. All our webinars are also available anytime on our YouTube channel.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the topics covered in these webinars, please do not hesitate to contact our healthcare professionals specialized in uro-oncology on our toll-free support line 7 days a week at 1 855 899-2873.

Tests, imaging and biomarkers to diagnose or monitor prostate cancer

You should know that there are several tests and examinations to diagnose or monitor prostate cancer before and after treatment. If you want to know more about the PSA test, a biopsy or why imaging tests are prescribed, this webinar with surgeon-urologist Dr. Daniel Lewinshtein is for you.

We are here for you

Do you have questions or concerns? Contact us at 1 855 899-2872 to speak with one of our health professionals specialized in uro-oncology. They are there to listen, support and answer your questions, and those of your family or loved ones. It’s simple and free, like all our services.

Also take the time to visit each of our pages on this website, as well as our YouTube channel, to familiarize yourself with the disease, the resources available, the support available to you, our events and ways to get involved to advance the cause.

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Our team is made up of urologists and certified uro-oncology nurses with in-depth knowledge of prostate cancer, as well as diseases related to the genitourinary system. See our collaborators by clicking here.

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Prostate cancer
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