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Videos of Courage

A diagnosis of prostate cancer can bring on a dizzying array of emotions, uncertainties, and choices to be made. Sometimes it helps to hear how others have coped with this illness.

Don’t hesitate to visit PROCURE YouTube channel to view and listen to our videos about our latest conferences, testimonies, tv interviews and promotional videos of our main events.  

Video testimonials

On our YouTube channel, you will find the stories of individuals who have kindly and candidly chosen to share their prostate cancer experiences. We are grateful to all of them – Michael Flinker and Winston McQuade, Claude Marsolais and Jean Pagé. You can view them by clicking here.

If you would like to do so, please feel free to contact us at so that we can guide you in producing your own testimonial on video and how to send it to us.

Jean Pagé


Winston McQuade

Winston McQuade

Our Bowvember Ambassadors


Famous men with prostate cancer

Prostate cancer does not differentiate between social classes. It can affect both opulent and accomplished men and middle-class men, putting their lives at risk. Some men on this list have agreed to talk about their personal experience with this disease and you will find their testimony through various search tools on the Internet. The known men who have (or have had) prostate cancer are:

  • Jack Layton: Canadian politician
  • Warren Buffet: Businessman, philanthropist and American investor
  • Sam Bronfman: Founder of the Seagram Empire
  • Allan Fotheringham: Columnist for Maclean
  • Maurice (Rocket) Richard: NHL legend
  • Allan Rock: Canadian politician
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau: One of Canada’s Prime Ministers
  • Dusty Baker: Manager of the Cincinnati Reds
  • Harry Belafonte: Popular singer
  • Barry Bostwick: Actor nominated for a Tony
  • Les Brown: Renowned professional commentator, author and television personality
  • Billy Davis, Jr.: Contemporary singer
  • Len Dawson: Former quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Michael Dell: Founder of Dell Computers
  • Robert DeNiro: Oscar-winning actor
  • Bob Dole: Former American politician
  • Rudolph Giuliani: Former Mayor of New York City
  • Andy Grove: Founder of Intel
  • Senator John Kerry: Former Democratic Presidential Candidate of the United States
  • Marv Levy: Former manager of the Montreal Alouettes
  • Michael Milken: Former major businessman on Wall Street
  • Arnold Palmer: Golf legend
  • Sydney Poitier: Oscar-winning actor
  • Colin Powell: Former Secretary of State in the United States
  • Norman Schwartzkopf: Retired US General
  • Joe Torre: Former manager of the New York Yankees
  • Frank Zappa: Former rock singer
  • Roger Moore: Actor known as “James Bond”

Additional inspiration

Here are testimonies written by men affected with prostate cancer and those written by women as caregivers. Should you wish to share your story, please contact us at or at 1 855 899-2873.

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