Our team

Laurent Proulx
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Lamour
Director of Development, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

Marie-Christine Beauchemin
Information and Support Coordinator

Stéphanie Chartrand
Graphic Designer

Myriam Dandache
Donor Management Coordinator

Ann-Marie Romanin
Director of Events and Fundraising


Content collaborators

Validation Committee Members
We would like to thank Luc Valiquette, MD, Urologist, Surgeon and Full Professor of Surgery at the CHUM, for his valuable collaboration in setting up the Validation Committee, responsible for the review of medical content published by PROCURE.

Nawar Hanna, MD
Urologist-Oncologist – Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (HMR), Montreal

Thierry Lebeau, MD
Surgeon-Urologist – Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (HMR), Montreal

Malek Meskawi
Surgeon-Urologist – CIUSSS North Island, Montreal

– Vincent Trudeau, MD
Surgeon-Urologist – Regional University Affiliated Hospital (CHAUR) (Hospital), Trois-Rivières

Suzanne Thibeault
Urology nurse, retired, B.Sc.N.

Ellen Kucharski
Urology nurse, retired, B.Sc.N.

Sandra Filopoulos
Nurse, B.Sc.N.

Our contributors to the original content of the website

Armen Aprikian, MD
Chief of Urology, MUHC

Jean-Paul Bahary, MD
Radio-Oncologist, CHUM

Boris Bahoric, MD
Radio-Oncologist, Jewish General Hospital

Michel Carmel, MD
Chief of Urology, CHUS

Serge Carrier, MD
Director, Sexual Dysfunction Clinic, Jewish General Hospital

Sylvie Dubois, inf.
Doctoral Candidate, School of Nursing, McGill University

Isabelle Grégoire, inf.
Urology Nurse, Jewish General Hospital

Jean-Pierre Guay, MD
Radio-Oncologist, CHUM

Pierre Karakiewicz, MD
Urologist, CHUM

Louis Lacombe, MD
Urologist-Oncologist, CHU de Québec

Paul Perrotte, MD
Urologist, CHUM

Fred Saad, MD
Urologist-Oncologist, Head, Urologic Oncology, CHUM

Anna Towers, MD
Director, Palliative Care Division, MUHC

Luc Valiquette, MD
Chief of Urology, CHUM

In addition, we thank the authors Dr. Fred Saad and Dr. Michael McCormack and Annika Parance Publishing for the permission to use portion of the content that we have drawn from the book – Prostate cancer – understanding the disease and its treatments. This book is offered free of charge by PROCURE, simply contact us at 1 855 899-2873.

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