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PROCURE Publications

In this section, you will find our publications as well as the 4th edition of the 206-page book “Prostate Cancer – Understand the Disease and Its Treatment”, an extraordinary source of information, written by two leading experts in the field of prostate cancer. All our publications are free of charge upon request and can also be viewed online or downloaded as needed. To obtain your free copies in English or French, please contact us by phone at 1 855 899-2873 or by e-mail at

You will also find brochures, fact sheets or patient guides from University Hospital Centers or Patient Associations. These documents, offering a great of valuable information, do not belong to PROCURE and are protected by copyright. We have included them in this section so that you know they exist and that they can guide you before, during or after your treatment. You can access these documents by clicking on the image or the link to their website. It should be noted that some publications are only available in French. They will be uploaded in this section as soon as they become available in English. We do not stock this material.

Hormone therapy: Guide for men affected by prostate cancer and their relatives

The purpose of this guide is to inform patients and their loved ones about hormone therapy and to give some useful tips for managing symptoms and taking care of themselves. Support for its production was provided by an unrestricted educational grant from Tolmar. 

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Prostate cancer

Le traitement par privation androgénique

Taking control

Fact sheet for patients on hormone therapy

Fact sheet for patients on hormone therapy to give to their family doctor

Nourish part 1: Building meals that works

Health Professionals: Click here if you would like to order copies for your patients

Nourish part 2: Meal planning

Health Professionals: Click here if you would like to order copies for your patients

Canadian Cancer Society Publications

Eating well when you have cancer

cancer prostate et bienfaits des omégas 3

Complementary therapies

pour vous et cancer prostate

Sexuality and cancer

votre intimité et cancer prostate

Living with advanced cancer

votre travail et cancer prostate

Pain Relief

votre santé mentale et cancer prostate

Clinical Trials – Are they for me

aps psa c’est quoi

When a relative has cancer

cancer prostate et employeur

CHUM Publications

The psychological impact of cancer


Caring for a loved one with cancer

Prendre-soin-un proche-cancer-prostate

Bone scan procedure


Preparing for your surgery


The day of your surgery


Take care of your drain after surgery


Treating prostate cancer with radiation therapy


Treating prostate cancer with low-dose brachytherapy (permanent seeds)


Treating prostate cancer with high-dose brachytherapy


Preventing and treating incontinence


How to use a urinary calendar


CUSM Publications

Treating prostate cancer with radiation therapy

guide-radiothérapie-cancer prostate

When your radiotherapy ends


Guide to a prostate cancer radical surgery


Going home after chemothrapy


CHU de Québec Publications

What is a Jackson-Pratt Drain


Treatment Options Publications

Treatment algorithms for all stages of prostate cancer


Prostate cancer
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