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By Winston McQuade

Each year, more than 4,600 men in Quebec receive a prostate cancer diagnosis.

That is to say one out seven men will be affected by this disease during his life, which makes it the most common cancer among men. This is why it is so important to raise awareness regarding this disease among people around us.

Fortunately, prostate cancer can be treated quite easily. In addition, if you take charge of your own health, if you keep your hopes up, and if your close relatives support you, your chances to recover are highly increased.

To give yourself the best possible odds, it is important to adopt or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Indeed, some studies suggest that a good nutrition, daily exercise, and restful sleep can help to slow down the prostate cancer progression as well as reduce the side effects of the treatments.

The fact of moving and adopting healthy habits will help you to keep the morale of steel needed to overcome the disease. It is also essential to follow the necessary therapies so you can get the support you need when it becomes more difficult.

Furthermore, your social relationships are more important than ever. Hence, it is important to raise awareness among your family and friends regarding the difficulty of your situation. They will be able to understand and to show the appropriate support.

However, the most important person on whom you can count remains the one sharing your life. Let’s admit it, men are not bothering about their health as much as they should. That is why women must also be aware of the disease and insist if they think there is a problem.

Consequently, awareness and information activities, such as wearing the bow tie as part of the Bowvember campaign and the prostate cancer Awareness Day, on November 19, can encourage men to care more about their own health and to reduce the risks linked to the disease.

Despite all this, the most important thing remains your wellness. If you take charge of your health, stay in a positive mind and get all the support you need, you will succeed to feel well in your own body. Such an attitude can only make a great difference when it is time to overcome the disease.

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