More fear than harm

By a Valdorian

Prostate Cancer is a difficult time, but it is not an overwhelming obstacle.

One can even overcome it in a few months, mainly if the problem is handle very quickly.

Despite my 53 years old and my excellent physical fitness, the shock of learning I had prostate cancer was probably somewhat less important than it is for some others, since my father got affected by the same disease when he was 55. I still had to concentrate to travel back from Montreal to Val-d’Or.

Once at home, I discussed of the situation with my wife and I chose a treatment: prostatectomy. Then I took an appointment with an urologist and the surgery occurred a month and a half later. I had many concerns, but there were no complication and I was discharged from hospital after three days.

The recovery

On the physical side, I had to keep a urinary catheter for 17 days, but I was dealing with it well. However, on the psychological side, it was much more difficult, because I could not do anything. It was spring and the impossibility to move was torturing me, especially since I am a very active man.

Then, when the catheter got removed, I was afraid of incontinence, a common side effect of prostate cancer, even if I had practiced Kegel exercises before. I told myself: don’t panic, you need to drink, to relax and it will be ok. I experience some urinary leaks anyway due to efforts, such as sneezing or doing sports. Later, I also did the CHUM’s exercises.

Return to a normal life

A month after the surgery, I got back to work. Another two weeks later, I was able to resume to my normal activities and I could finally run with my dog again, for example. Incontinence issues got slowly reversed and I am rebuilding my health.

It should be said that I had the good fortune of being taken in charge very quickly – only six weeks went by between the prostate cancer diagnostic and the surgery. In addition, I am a fit man and I was well surrounded, by my wife of course, but also by the urology team of Rouyn-Noranda’s Hospital. Besides, I want to thank these outstanding professionals. Thanks to them, there was much more fear than harm.

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