Mission and values

cancer prostate PROCURE

The main goal of PROCURE is to provide science and humanity with means to help prevent and cure prostate cancer.

PROCURE strives to redefine the boundaries of research and knowledge by:

  • Initiating an on-going dialogue with the public and healthcare community to provide needed information and support through accessible means such as:
    • A comprehensive website in French and English;
    • A Prostate Cancer Support & Awareness Network across the province of Quebec;
    • Lectures and special events;
    • Free book on prostate cancer
  • Funding and structuring over time a bank of biological materials and data on men with prostate cancer as well as those at risk of developing the disease. Such a Biobank, as it is known, will accelerate breakthrough scientific discovery.
Join our network today by informing yourself and loved ones.
Encourage the other men you care about to have an examination.
Make a contribution to our cause.
Help us keep information on this site up-to-date.

In doing so you will become part of the force against prostate cancer!