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Like so many of my colleagues on the police force, I felt invincible

by Gilles Falardeau, 56 years old

Gilles_Falardeau_2I was 56 and had never been sick a day in my life. Like so many of my colleagues on the police force, I felt invincible. Then, two years ago, a set of routine tests revealed I had prostate cancer. After undergoing an operation, hormone therapy and radiation treatments, I followed my doctor’s advice and decided to devote all my energies to the process of healing. I reduced professional activities that were a source of daily stress, changed my eating habits, and started an intensive exercise program. I bicycled over 5,000 kilometres through the summer, and finally took the time to relax and appreciate my family.

I also became involved as a volunteer with PROCURE and the prostate cancer support group at CHUM in order to share my experiences and give hope to others diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Promoting screening and early detecting, and taking an active role in one’s own healing — these are the winning tickets, and the way to gauge success.

Prostate cancer
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