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Living with permanent erectile dysfunction in 5 points

Living with permanent erectile dysfunction in 5 points outlines the essential considerations in navigating this reality. These tips serve as guiding principles to assist individuals, whether they are in a relationship or facing this situation alone.

  • Healthcare professionals are here for you
    Sexuality is ever-present; it does not disappear with permanent erectile dysfunction. Consult healthcare professionals, such as psychologists or sexologists, for support tailored to your needs. Whether you seek personalized assistance for your mental well-being or guidance in exploring new avenues of intimacy, don’t hesitate to seek help and explore the diverse options available. A multidisciplinary approach could be advantageous in gaining a deeper understanding of your situation.
  • The role of a sexologist
    Sexologists play a vital role in exploring sexual and relational issues. They can accompany individuals or couples dealing with problems or changes in the sexual aspects of their lives, including permanent erectile dysfunction. Their expertise is invaluable when faced with this new reality, and they can assist you in exploring solutions to enhance the quality of your sex life.

    Visit the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec to find a sexologist or consult your doctor for assistance.
  • Sexuality goes beyond erections
    Sexual fulfillment isn’t limited to whether or not you can have an erection. Exploring other forms of intimate expression and rethinking the traditional perception of sexuality centered on penetration can lead to new and fulfilling sexual experiences. Understand that sexuality goes beyond erections and explore what truly works for you, both individually and as a couple. To learn more, check out this article.
  • The importance of rediscovering yourself and your relationship
    Facing permanent erectile dysfunction after medical treatments requires investing in discovering new sources of pleasure, whether alone or with a partner, and rebuilding meaningful intimacy. Stay open-minded about your expectations and goals to prevent discouragement. Remember, everyone’s experience is unique, so take each step as it comes.
  • A new reality means new experiences
    Various approaches are available to address permanent erectile dysfunction, ranging from medication to mechanical solutions. Adopting an open-minded approach and engaging in honest communication with your partner and sexologist is crucial. Exploring new forms of intimacy freely will be essential in reclaiming a fulfilling sexual life.

To learn more, watch this webinar with sexologist Audrey Epars where we delve into the delicate nature of this situation and explore various strategies and available resources for both individuals and couples.

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