March 22, 2018

Do anti-cancer foods really exist?

Thanks to scientific research, we now know more and more about the relationship between diet and cancer. Some studies show for example a link between diet, weight and risk of different cancers, including prostate cancer. But these links are complex, and a large number of hypotheses remain to be confirmed.

Food is only one factor among many

If it is logical to think that the carcinogenic substances present in foods are responsible for the appearance of cancers, this is only partly true. Substances that exert a protective effect or are able to neutralize the carcinogenic elements also play a role. What's more, cancer is the result of various cell-level changes, some related to our lifestyle, others depending on genetic predisposition or family history. In other words, diet is only one of the determining factors in the appearance of cancer.

Can some foods reduce your risk of prostate cancer?

No food alone contains all the anti-cancer properties that can affect all the processes involved in tumor development. This fact underscores the importance of integrating a wide variety of foods into our diet. In fact, diet is one of the risk factors most often thought of in prostate cancer.

Good or bad eating habits

There is now enough scientific evidence to suggest that maintaining a healthy weight, eating 7 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and eating whole products can help reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer or the risks of a more aggressive cancer at diagnosis or a recurrence. These tips are also beneficial for many other chronic diseases.

On the other hand, some foods or drinks will never be friends of your weight or your health. Therefore, the less alcohol, sweet drinks, chips and sweets, sauces, fries, cold cuts, red meat, etc., the best for your health. In any case, not more than once a week.

Of course, pleasure is also an important part of your health and it must remain so! So, take the time to carefully choose and plan your healthy diet. Also take the time to enjoy your food and savoring every bite.

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