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Ligne téléphonique de soutien de PROCURE dédié au cancer de la prostate

Our healthcare professionals are here to help!

We are delighted to offer this new service, unique in Quebec, to help men free themselves from the fear of the unknown and make informed decisions. Our healthcare professionals, specialized in urology-oncology, are there to listen, support and answer all questions. Our support line is a provincial, bilingual and free service for people with prostate cancer, their caregivers and their families, their employers or colleagues, the public and health professionals. Do not hesitate to contact them.

You have questions or concerns about:

  • prostate cancer
  • treatments and their side effects
  • urinary problems
  • psychological aspects and sexuality
  • accompanying a loved one
  • preparation for your medical meetings
  • other aspects of the disease

Efficient and dedicated, calls are returned in less than 24 hours, in total confidentiality. Feel free to contact them.

bandeau ligne 1 855 pour cancer prostate


This is how our health professionals can support you.

Your support following my diagnosis was so helpful…

“Your support was very important to me after I got the news about my prostate cancer. I was stunned and completely lost. I thank you not only for your patience with me, but also for all the answers I have received. THANK YOU, THANK OU, THANK YOU.” Daniel

Had i known that the procure help line existed…

“I cried for almost the entire call—telling my story, not understanding why I felt so sad and without knowing what I was looking for exactly. He listened to me, filled with compassion. Once the emotions were over and the person at the end of the line began to speak, I felt free and understood something important: that my recurrence was not my death, far from it, but another stage of my life.” Bernard

Your advice helped me to manage my incontinence and frustration…

“My frustration was reaching a tipping point when I contacted PROCURE after my surgery. I could not manage my incontinence or see the day when I would return to normal. It was only by talking to one of your professionals that I realized that I was actually making progress every day and that I needed to be patient. After twelve months, everything is finally back in order.” Robert

This is the first time i have spoken about my erectile dysfunction without blushing…

“After my prostate cancer, I was so stressed of failing to perform during sexual intercourse that I preferred to abstain. It was my wife who called PROCURE. Your nurse took the time to ask us the right questions and then reassured us. She explained to us that there were different approaches to managing my ED and that my spouse had to be present at my future appointments. I made an appointment on the spot with my urologist.” Peter

I was concerned for my father and lacked information…

“When I learned that my father had to start treatment for his prostate cancer, I scoured the Web. I became even more worried as the published information was often contradictory and even frightening. By calling PROCURE, I got the right information on hormone therapy, side effects of the treatment, and my dad’s follow-up appointments. I was ready to go with him.” Sophie

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