April 13, 2016

Surgery: 8 things you can do before the big day

If you are well prepared, the post-surgery recovery could be less exhausting than expected. So preparation will contribute to a faster and less stressful recovery.

  1. Be active:

It is important to move to stay fit even if you have prostate cancer. Consequently, if you’re already practicing a regular activity, keep going until the surgery. If it’s not the case, it’s never too late to add exercising, even of lower intensity, to your daily routine. In this way, a simple 15 to 30 minutes-walk could be beneficial.

  1. Try to stop smoking:

Even if it is stressful, it is recommended to stop smoking before the surgery, to reduce the risks of lung, healing and infection problems. If needed, your physician could prescribe some medicine to help you.

  1. Adopt good eating habits:

A healthy and balanced diet will also help you to recover quickly after the surgery and prevent a recurrence of prostate cancer. The energy, proteins, vitamins, and minerals you get from your food allow you to fight infections besides contributing to healing.

  1. Start your Kegel exercises:

Incontinence is one of the most common consequences of prostate cancer, mostly after the surgery. Fortunately, the Kegel’s exercises can help to reinforce your pelvic floor muscles, so you can control better any urinary leakage. You simply have to contract the muscles that tighten when you hold back your need to urinate during two to five seconds, and then relax them while breathing normally. These exercises can be practiced any time, in any position.

  1. Avoid aspirin and natural products:

Since aspirin can increase bleeding risks and that some natural products can interact with the medicine you could receive at the hospital, it is preferable to avoid them. If needed, discuss with your urologist first.

  1. Restrict alcohol:

Alcohol can also interact with medication. It is why it is recommended to reduce its consumption and not drink during the 24 hours before the surgery.

  1. Plan ahead:

After surgery, you won’t necessarily have the energy to prepare your meals, do your daily tasks, or even to bath yourself. If possible, prepare some meals before the surgery and freeze them. Thus, you will be able to reheat them easily during your recovery. You should also ask your family and friends to help you for some tasks if you need it.

  1. Arrange transportation:

You will be able to leave the hospital the day following the surgery against prostate cancer. However, it could be stressful for you, and you won’t be able to drive to get back home. So it is preferable to make sure someone will accompany when you will be leaving.

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