September 16, 2016

Active re-education of the penis after your surgery

A prostate surgery, unfortunately, can cause the loss of spontaneous erections. Hence, on a medium-term basis, the penis can lack oxygen, lose its erectile impulse, and maybe even become less elastic.

Penile re-education, therefore, involves restoring erectile function in the penis, particularly through with the aid of erectile medications. Be aware that this approach is not universally accepted due to the lack of research on the subject. It is best to have this discussion with your doctor. If your urologist or treating physician does not discuss the subject with you, don't hesitate to bring it up.

The Re-education Process                                                

During the operation, the surgeon takes good care of the nerves related to the erection, so the patient can maintain his sexual life after prostate cancer. However, the nerves are still stretched and aggressed, which causes an operative shock. So it is normal to stop having erections for a while.

Erections can be very weak or nonexistent for three months after surgery. Thereafter, there may be slight swelling of the penis without it still being an erection. Then, from eight months to two years, the patient finds an erection sufficient to resume normal sexual activities. Many will take 12 to 18 months to find it.

A Little Help

Yet, if it takes two years to recover adequate erections after the surgery for prostate cancer, it is a rather long period. The penis can lack oxygen during this period, since the blood flow is less important than before, which can bring other erectile consequences in the long term.

The penis active rehabilitation is simply taking medical drugs, as an oral tablet or injection into the penis with a very fine needle to trigger an erection. The doses are first of all very low since the objective is to promote a slight blood flow intended to oxygenate the penis.

After three months, the doses can be increased to achieve an erection that allows you to resume normal sex. The frequency of injections depends largely on the reaction of the man, his penis ... and his budget, unfortunately.

Other Erectile Troubles

Thanks to surgery for prostate cancer, the effects of certain products are now better known, especially when it comes to injection. Thus, we know that help is needed during a long period without an erection. This can therefore also apply to erectile dysfunction that is not caused by cancer, the cause of which must nevertheless be sought and treated when oral drugs prove to be ineffective.

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