January 21, 2020

5 tips to change a habit

Often our habits are so ingrained that we don't even realize we have them. Whether your bad habit is a minor concern like cracking your joints or something more serious, like living a sedentary lifestyle, having a poor diet, or smoking, you are going to have to make continuous efforts and organize yourself to break the cycle.

What is a habit?

It is a usual action that is done without any need to motivate yourself, without effort. It is a mechanical, easy and repeated gesture. We are used to drinking coffee or tea in the morning, taking a shower, getting dressed, etc. We also have bad habits, and these are the ones that take us away from what we want in life.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not always easy to accomplish. For example, behavior change, whether it relates to the prevention of prostate cancer or the long-term management of the disease, can seem long, complex and difficult. This is why you should not hesitate to ask a professional for help if you cannot do it alone.

So well said ... 

As Danielle Choquette wrote so well in her article published on April 8, 2016, in the Journal de Montréal: 

Every day, our brain tries to automate as many actions as possible. It wishes to avoid efforts, either to devote itself to more important tasks or to rest. It goes like this: the first time you do an action, your brain is very active, it consumes a lot of energy, it tires you a lot, then, little by little, it stops getting tired, because it knows by heart what to do. The action becomes almost unconscious. The catch is that it also works for bad habits. After repeating to yourself "I'm going to take it easy on wine tonight", you realize that you have been fooled by your dear automatic brain when, in the middle of the evening, you see yourself starting the fourth glass.

This is where we realize that there is indeed a catch related to a good or a bad habit. Knowing this, at least we will know that we must invest, whether it is eating more vegetables or winning the moon...

Tips for changing a habit

There are lots of tips and ways that can help you replace a bad habit with a new one that is healthy and rewarding for you. Here are 5 tips for you, which we could qualify as ABC or the nerves of war to change a habit that poisons your life.

Know that you have a bad habit
If you want to change a bad habit, you must realize that it really exists. Be honest, write it down or say it verbally to someone you can trust, you being the first...

Understand what triggers your bad habit
When you are equipped with this information, it is easier to know what actions you must take to change it. Again, be honest, write down the actions you can really do, or tell them verbally to someone you can trust, you being the first...

Replace a bad habit with a good habit
In order to mitigate the blow when this happens, choose a substitute for your bad habit. Be honest again, question of replacing a bad habit with an action that really brings you satisfaction and well-being, and then get your brain to adopt it; we will call this the catch if you want...

Take small steps
Bad habits have been part of your life for a long time. Better to make small changes to your daily routine. Take one tiny bite at a time and take the time to pat yourself on the back every time you resist the temptation to let go...

Be kind to yourself and most importantly... be patient
Change can be difficult, so don't be discouraged and give yourself time. Please!

A good way to get started is to determine the gains you will get when you change your habits. Handwritten on a sheet of paper, in a journal or captured on your computer / iPad or others, take note of your progress and how you feel. For example:

  • I feel better when I take care of my health. Here are the effects that I like...
  • My chances of certain illnesses and conditions may decrease. So I will live to see my grandkids, to travel, to meet...
  • I manage my anxiety or my depression and feel so much better. Here's how...
  • More physical activity and better food can help you shed pounds, feel more comfortable in your clothes, feel more attractive and confident, and help you sleep better. My life is starting to change and this is how...
  • If you smoke, quitting will save money and your clothes, your breath, and your home will not smell like an ashtray. Let's say this one is easy in terms of kickbacks. I'm going on a trip, I'm renovating, I have more $ and I would like to...

No one is forcing you to do anything. And no one will judge you. But if you are serious in your approach, then take note of the 5 tips and ... go for it!

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