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Cancer-fighting foods for your prostate: Myths vs Reality

Can some cancer-fighting foods for your prostate lower your risk of cancer? Wouldn’t it be great if just one food could protect you against prostate cancer, or even any type of cancer? You see, if there was any evidence that a single food could prevent the development of prostate cancer, it would probably be sold all over the planet … and at a high price.

Cancer-fighting foods, or superfoods, are a group of foods that are believed to provide maximum health benefits, including protection against cancer. They are said to contain higher amounts of particular nutrients (a substance supplied by food and used by your body to function properly and maintain health) compared to other foods.

However, given the sheer volume of information available on the internet and elsewhere, it is often difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. It can confuse you, make you more vulnerable to questionable claims, and maybe even lead you to adopt baseless “miracle” diets or to eliminate or consume a food at the expense of a healthy and varied diet.

Myths or reality?

On the one hand, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, in the past, researchers studied specific food components that they thought protected against cancer, such as antioxidants. But scientists are now taking a broader approach by looking at healthy eating patterns in relation to cancer prevention. Understanding the links between diet and cancer is difficult because we consume thousands of dietary components every day.

On the other hand, researchers often use nutrient levels that cannot be replicated in real foods. So, the answer to the question of whether anti-cancer foods can lower your risk of prostate cancer is… yes and no! While eating a healthy diet can help lower your risk of cancer, eating just one or two “superfoods” will not protect you from the disease.
Again, and again, bet on balance and variety.

A healthy diet – including eating a variety of vegetables, fruit and other high-fibre foods, low-fat protein from fish, poultry and lean meats, as well as low fat and salty meals – is what promotes good health while helping you maintain a healthy body weight. Yes, we know, it is easier said than done…

So be judicious in your food choices and favor those that will make your body and your heart purr (not your emotions). Speaking of emotions, did you know that you can still treat yourself to some sweet and savory comforting treats once in a while, to boost your morale?

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