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Incontinence: How to choose the right product?

We are often led to believe that it is mainly women who are affected by urinary incontinence. Indeed, childbirth often leads to a weakness of the pelvic floor which can lead to urinary incontinence. Thus, women are encouraged to do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and thus achieve control of the disturbing urinary leakage. On the other hand, although we hear less about urinary incontinence in men, some of them are also confronted with this urological problem.

Medically reviewed by Marie-Lyssa Lafontaine, medical student, urology axis, University of Montreal, on 02/24/2023

Urinary incontinence is defined as one or more involuntary losses of urine. There are several causes for these leaks. There are several types of urinary incontinence (urgency, stress, overflow) as well, and each type of incontinence has a specific cause. Although they can sometimes occur due to changes in the body that are age-related, it is not a normal part of the aging process. Incontinence is not a disease, but a symptom of a medical problem.

Although you can manage incontinence in many ways, we would like to cover the use of absorbent products in this article.

Absorbent products: which ones to choose?

Absorbent products like cup pads, pads, briefs and underwear have been designed to let in and retain urine to keep your skin dry and provide a physical barrier against urine leakage. You have the choice between the disposable and reusable style, the latter being less absorbent than the disposable options.

There is a huge selection of disposable absorbent products out there, and you might want to try a few so you can find the one that’s really right for you.

The level of absorbency is critical in choosing an incontinence product.

Above all, ask yourself these questions: Do I have light, moderate or severe incontinence? Does my level of incontinence change depending on the time of day or when I do physical activity?

If you choose a product that doesn’t match the absorbency you need or is the wrong size, you will most likely experience leaks and discomfort. When you choose an absorbent product, you must take other criteria into account, in particular:

  • Its convenience – will it be easy to change, put on and take off?
  • Does the product adapt well to your body shape?
  • Does it control odors?

There are major suppliers of absorbent products in Canada like Depend and Tena that offer a French website, free samples or trial kit, and discounts. Consult their sites to learn more and familiarize yourself with the range of existing products.

There’s no embarrassment or shame, just solutions to help you stay active and do what you love.

PS. Keep your bills, prescriptions and any other documents in case you qualify for a provincial and/or federal tax credit.

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