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Vivre pleinement, boire modérement

Living Fully, Drinking Moderately

Benefits of Drinking Less and Flavourful Recipes to Guide You

Are you aiming for a healthy start to the year by reducing or completely abstaining from alcohol? It can be challenging, especially when many of our social activities revolve around drinking, such as “Happy Hours” or going to a bar with friends for a sporting event. Here are some recipes to support you in living fully while moderating your drinking!

Why do it?
January and February are widely recognized as “dry” months, where many individuals choose to reduce or stop drinking to give themselves a break. This decision comes with numerous health benefits, including improved sleep quality, enhanced concentration, increased energy levels, lower blood pressure, liver health and restoration, a strengthened immune system, and more. Ultimately, making this choice contributes to overall health and well-being.

For individuals dealing with prostate cancer:
Whether in the postoperative stage or undergoing therapy, reducing or completely eliminating alcohol consumption is crucial. This choice plays a pivotal role in minimizing side effects, shortening recovery time, reducing the risk of complications, and improving the chances of a successful recuperation. Additionally, reducing or stopping alcohol consumption during this typically challenging period can be beneficial, given alcohol’s potential impact on mental health.

Alcohol-free doesn’t mean boring:
Whether you identify as “sober-curious“, a non-drinker seeking inspiration, or a cancer patient navigating sobriety, we’ve curated recipes for easy and flavorful alcohol-free drinks!

Quick tip: Avoid replacing alcoholic beverages with sugary alternatives! Many non-alcoholic mixed drinks have high sugar content. Be mindful of healthier options or consider making your own at home.



Enjoy these tasty drinks and don’t hesitate to visit Alternalcool by Éduc’alcool for more great recipes. Éduc’alcool, an organization dedicated to informing, creating tools, and raising awareness among the Quebec population regarding alcohol consumption.


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