Dear stress: I think it’s time to break up

Dear stress: I think it’s time to break up

If you are the type of person that cannot relax and gets tense from the very mentioning of relaxation or being a part of a group, this article is for you.

In regards to prostate cancer, relaxation is an additional tool that can be with you at every step of your care, during your illness as well as after your treatment is finished. Here are a few tips to be able to focus on it better and improve your overall wellness level.

Combat stress through relaxation

The fundamental element of relaxation is breathing. Learn to breathe correctly – and you will control your mental state and your emotions better. Here are a few suggestions for breathing techniques that you can use with ease on a daily basis. Practice them regularly – and you will quickly appreciate the benefits they bring.

First of all, focus on your breathing. To better understand how you breathe, ask yourself:

  • Is your breathing fast or calm?
  • Are you breathing in deep or not?
  • Do you breathe with your stomach or your chest?

The last question above is crucial, because, in general, one should breathe with the stomach, which means having deep and calm breathing. If you don’t breathe this way, use these exercises to improve your breathing technique and feel less stressed during prostate cancer treatment.

How does one breathe with the stomach?

While sitting, close your eyes and put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. This way, you will feel the movement of air better. Now – breathe in deeply and allow your stomach to inflate. Try to hold the air for a couple of seconds and then exhale slowly.

Do this exercise quietly five or six times without forcing yourself. If you feel the need to take a big breath, do so, and then resume the calm rhythmic breathing with the stomach.

The benefits of relaxation

When you are calm, your teeth become unclenched, your shoulders relax, and your overall tension gradually decreases. You relax your arms and become aware of their points of support. Also, you become aware of the support points of your back and feet.

Enjoy the pleasant feeling of being calm. Breathe in deeply and then begin to move your hands and feet, stretching… Open your eyes when you want.

An exercise you can do anywhere

The good news is that you can do this exercise anywhere at any time and in any posture, while sitting or standing, with eyes open or shut. The important thing here is to focus on your breathing in order to breath with your stomach. In the context of prostate cancer treatment, this is crucial to lowering stress levels and helping you feel better about yourself.

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