October 18, 2020

How perineal and pelvic rehabilitation can help you?

Physiotherapy in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation is often recommended by urologists, especially after radical prostate surgery. It aims to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to help the urethra to close better. In fact, several men who have opted for radical surgery have reported the benefits of pelvic physiotherapy with a specialized physiotherapist. 

Source: Kinatex Sports Physio - Contrôler les problèmes d’incontinence urinaire avec la physiothérapie by Chantale Vien, Physiotherapist in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation

How perineal and pelvic rehabilitation can help you

Your urinary continence is mainly provided by the prostate and the smooth bladder neck or sphincter, located just below your bladder. The pelvic floor muscles, located at the base of your pelvis, also contribute to your urinary continence as well as your fecal continence.

After radical surgery, your pelvic floor muscles must therefore work harder to compensate for the sudden lack of support around your urethra. Suddenly, your pelvic floor muscles have to do a job that they didn't have to do before. If they are not competent enough, urine loss can occur.

Stress urinary incontinence versus the strength of your muscles

Certain circumstances such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, blowing your nose, getting up from a chair, putting on pants, or performing a lifting effort cause an increase in pressure inside your abdomen and therefore on your bladder, causing often heavy urine loss, called stress urinary incontinence. Know that you are not alone in this situation.

It, therefore, requires a particularly strong pelvic floor to maintain continence in these different circumstances.

Go ahead and make an appointment with an expert

Perineal and pelvic rehabilitation in physiotherapy is now recognized by scientific evidence as a first-line treatment to correct urinary incontinence after radical surgery. The pelvic floor muscles also play an important role in maintaining an erection.

An expert physiotherapist in this field can therefore help you manage urinary incontinence problems, in addition to helping with the rehabilitation of erectile dysfunction, guide you in your exercises, and provide many tips, lessons, and strategies.

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