May 12, 2016

10 precautions taken back home after surgery

After much thought, you have chosen to use surgery to fight prostate cancer! Everything went well and you are back home. You must now recover. Here are 10 precautions taken back home after surgery if you want to avoid complications.

Updated: August 2021


  1. A healthy and regular diet is, as always, the basis of a balanced life. To aid your recovery, you should prioritize proteins, such as eggs, meat, and fish, which will help repair your abdominal sore. Fiber, which is found especially in fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products, is also important because it promotes bowel elimination.
  2. Remember to hydrate yourself well, on a regular basis, to help urinary drainage. You have a urinary catheter? Here's how to take care of it.

Resuming your activities

  1. At first, get regular and as much rest as you can, as this helps your recovery.
  2. After prostate cancer surgery, you should avoid straining, especially with heavy loads, as your wound needs to heal.
  3. You can resume driving without any problem after the removal of your catheter. However, you should not take narcotics before driving and you should respect your physical tolerance.
  4. Baths, spas, or pools are not allowed for at least 4 weeks following surgery. It would be best if your doctor gives you the green light first.
  5. As for sexual activity, although it may have been affected by prostate cancer, you can start having non-strenuous sex at the end of the 3rd week after your surgery. Do not have vigorous sex before the 6th week.


  1. When traveling, it is better to focus on destinations where medical care is easy to access, in the event of a problem.
  2. Be patient with yourself, as a full recovery can take 6-24 months. So you have to do things gradually.
  3. Finally, it is important to speak openly with your urologist if you have incontinence or sexual problems. You can also share your concerns with him.

By following these few precautions, you will facilitate your recovery. Soon, prostate cancer will be a distant memory. Good recovery.

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