March 8, 2018

Selenium and vitamin E: allies or enemies of prostate cancer?

Selenium and vitamin E have long been thought to have protective effects when it comes to prostate cancer. An American research team has shown that selenium and vitamin E supplements, even at a low dosage, increase the risk of developing prostate cancer if taken when there is no proven deficiency.

The SELECT study

An earlier study, called the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT), conducted on 35 000 men showed that taking selenium and vitamin E does not protect against prostate cancer.

Further research revealed that not only do dietary supplements not have a protective effect, taking large doses of selenium (200 mcg/day) and vitamin E (400 IU/day) significantly increases the risk of developing a more aggressive advanced prostate cancer.

Conclusion: Ask your doctor for advice

  • Avoid high doses of vitamin or mineral supplements because they can help increase the risk of prostate cancer. Instead of consuming supplements, try to meet your nutrient needs by eating healthy foods.
  • Note that it has not been shown that taking supplements containing antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin E or selenium could offer protection against prostate cancer. In fact, vitamin E may increase the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • The risks increase if you take vitamin E and selenium together when your body does not need it.

Not without medical supervision

We suggest that you do not take supplements unless you have medical supervision. Your doctor may prescribe supplements for you if he finds a deficiency, usually for vitamin D, or in the event of specific medical indications.

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