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Men’s Health – 10 common mistakes men make

We often joke that men pay more attention to their car than to their health. As much as they are quick to make an appointment with a mechanic, they tend to ignore early symptoms of a possible disease as slight problems that will disappear on their own. Here are the 10 common mistakes men should avoid making to give their health a chance.

Avoiding doctors

You already know that you need to lose a few pounds, reduce your consumption of beer, liqueurs or chips. In addition, you feel very good. Men are geniuses when it comes to finding reasons not to see a doctor. However, you make a mistake if you don’t care about your health. Do not think you are invincible and do not wait for the disease to show up before making an appointment. A health checkup, if only once in a while, could save you from unpleasant surprises later.

Thinking that heart attacks only happen to others

Do you tend to worry about your father, uncle or brother and don’t think it could happen to you too? If your family has a history of cardiovascular disease, you are more at risk and at a younger age than you think. No matter how old you are, be sure to take care of your heart.

Ignoring your snoring

You can ignore it, but your partner usually won’t, and about half of men who snore have what is called obstructive sleep apnea. It doesn’t just annoy the person next to you. This disorder can cause you to stop breathing for a few seconds. It is also linked to heart disease and hypertension.

Not using sunscreen

Do not fall into the trap of believing that sunscreen is a vanity product for women! Most men never put it on their face – or any other exposed skin very often. To prevent skin cancer, an SPF of 30 or more each time you go out. Protect yourself and get smoother skin as a bonus.

Refusing to get help for sexual problems

Yes, it can be difficult to talk about it, but having a problem in this area has nothing to do with your masculinity. For example, the source of erectile dysfunction (excluding prostate cancer treatments) could be linked to a lack of blood circulation in the penis, which can be corrected with timely medical intervention. It can also be a sign of a heart problem, so don’t ignore it, and consult.

Thinking that having the blues is not a phase of depression

Because more women than men suffer from depression, the idea that it is a “female problem” often prevents the men who suffer from it from seeking help. As a result, more men are turning to drugs and alcohol to treat their “blues” and feel better. This makes depression much more difficult to detect – and treat. If you are depressed or feel that something is wrong, see to it and consult.

Underestimating your trips to the bathroom

How many times have you used the toilet today? If you urinate more than 8 times a day, you may have health problems such as an enlarged prostate, cancer, or an overactive bladder. The same goes for if you urinate more than twice a night. Schedule a consultation with your doctor if you notice these symptoms.

Throwing your vegetables in the trash

He, who eats enough fruits and vegetables during the day, is a rare man. Doctors recommend four to five servings of each for a heart-healthy diet rather than traditional meat and potatoes. Having a varied and nutrient-rich diet also reduces the risk of stroke, cancer or digestive problems. And your blood sugar is also monitored if you are at risk for diabetes.

Neglecting stress

Neglecting stress can be one of the most serious health mistakes for men. Although stress is part of every professional’s life, high levels can be quite dangerous. Stress can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems, mental health issues, etc.

To prevent stress from building up and reaching unmanageable levels, take a break from time to time. Go on vacation with your family, friends or alone if you are single. Finding a better work-life balance can also help.

Being sedentary

Physical inactivity is not only defined by little or no physical or sports activity, but also by spending a significant part of your day sitting or lying down. This distinction is important to keep in mind. Among sedentary activities: reading, driving… and being in front of a screen (smartphone, television, computer, tablet, video game console), activities during which the energy expenditure is minimal. According to the WHO, it would be as harmful as smoking or being obese with all the consequences on your health. Are you not moving enough? Only you know.

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