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Long live my old prostate!

Long live my old prostate that I respect! Present only in men, your prostate is very small during childhood. Then it grows at the time of puberty, under the effect of sex hormones made by your testicles, among others. About the size of a ping-pong ball or walnut, it eventually reaches a weight of approximately 14 to 20 grams. It then becomes an adult and functional prostate.

Medically reviewed by Marie-Lyssa Lafontaine, medical student, urology axis, University of Montreal, on 12/30/2022

The prostate is an important organ since it contributes to men’s sexuality and fertility. In addition, although the prostate is considered an organ belonging to the male reproductive system, it can have considerable impacts on urinary function.  

Your sexuality

If the prostate is not responsible for your erections, it still participates in the production of sperm thus allowing ejaculation. Out of 3 mL of ejaculated semen, 0.5 mL comes from the prostate while the rest is produced by the seminal vesicles and Cowper’s glands. Sperm fluid, rich in fructose and protein, is essential for fertility as it serves to nourish and protect your sperm.

Before the actual ejaculation, therefore before the expulsion of your sperm, the prostatic urethra (the tube which crosses the prostate) dilates. This is due to the fact that the sperm accumulates there before being expelled by the body. This phenomenon participates in the particular sensation announcing to the man concerned that his ejaculation is imminent. During ejaculation, the smooth muscles in your prostate contract. It is these contractions, together with the contractions of other muscles, that produces the force of your ejaculation.

She will therefore have been responsible for all these moments of pleasure.

Your children

As the prostate participates in the production of your sperm, your fertility and your ejaculations, you will understand that without this sex gland, you cannot fertilize an egg naturally. So if you’re a biological dad, you can say thank you to your prostate!

Could she be naughty?

The G-spot of “Grafenberg”, the name of the German gynecologist who described this erogenous zone in women, would also exist in men. But it is called point P for Prostate since it is its gentle stimulation that would promote sexual arousal and even a powerful orgasm. Some men say they have had increased sexual pleasure and are able to ejaculate more easily with prostate massage, although there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

When she gets capricious

Over the years, your prostate ages… just like you and the rest of your body. It tends to produce less prostatic fluid, which leads to a decrease in the volume of semen produced. It tends to get bigger, which can compress your urethra and lead to urinary problems. Finally, its muscular component, weaker, leads to a decrease in the force of ejaculation. All these phenomena are normal, it is only when they are exaggerated that they become bothersome, in particular when the prostate becomes really too big.

How to take care of it?

Any activity that benefits the heart will also benefit the prostate. Staying physically active offers men many health benefits, including reducing their risk of having bothersome urinary symptoms caused by their prostate. For men who already have prostate problems, regular exercise along with a healthy diet can help reduce symptoms and in the case of prostate cancer, reduce the risk of the cancer progression.

And don’t forget: if you have persistent urinary symptoms, such as pain when urinating, go see it!

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