Tests and exams in 5 points

There are several approaches to keeping an eye on your cancer during or after treatment. Tests and exams in 5 points

The usefulness of imaging tests

Although it does not replace a prostate biopsy, the usefulness of imaging tests can help in decision making. Indeed, physicians

Biopsy Myths

Biopsies are crucial diagnostic aids in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. However, there are many misconceptions or myths surrounding

What is a PI-RADS?

PI-RADS is an acronym for Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System from images obtained following an imaging test such as

Foods that irritate your bladder

Do you have urinary symptoms that affect you on a daily basis? The article Foods that irritate your bladder is for you. We know

Bloating, burping and gas

Often food-related, a starting point would be to write down what you eat and how your gut feels to find

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