September 19, 2019

Investing in your health, a must… Martin’s story

Investing in your health, a must… The second part of Martin's testimony

“Living with a diagnosis of prostate cancer is demanding. Between the treatments, the multiple appointments, the roller coaster of emotions, fatigue, hot flashes and so on, I can easily understand that a person can be demotivated when the time comes to move or even change eating habits or others, inked for several years…

We can never say it enough and it is not too late to start, but I think it is extremely important to remember that the maintenance of good physical health, as well as a healthy lifestyle, are of excellent means of prevention against the pangs of this disease. I call it your health capital. For my part, I know that the healthy lifestyle that Chantal and I adopted - we eat healthily, we exercise and we train together - allowed me to go through radical surgery, 33 treatments of radiotherapy and three years of hormone therapy. Taking care of myself and nourishing my health capital on a daily basis gave me the necessary boost not to give up, to go ahead and negotiate this nasty curve that life has put in my way.

I also know that it is with this same discipline, motivation and inner strength that I would face a recurrence. Let it be understood: we do not want it at all. But the advances in research, the new treatments available to delay the progression of this bug and its metastases, the additional years of life that I have in front of me, play in my favor. And taking care of myself jealously is the best gift I can give myself, my girlfriend, my children and the best ally I can have in my toolbox.

To all my friends and all men - whether we know each other or not - I wish you this gift and this ally with all my heart, cancer or not! "


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