January 23, 2020

They bought me a gym membership!

You read correctly! And the main interested party to receive this gift was never consulted. The title They bought me a gym membership! somehow illustrates our good intentions and what we aspire to every January 1st. Each year that begins calls for its share of resolutions, for oneself, and wishes, for others. A tradition that is very present, in the office as at home, where "Happy New Year, Wishing you Health, Happiness and Success" before, during or soon after the holidays is probably the most widely used wishful expression. And each year, most people sit down and think about how they can make this new year happy.

Interestingly, in January 2019, the renowned French paper Le Figaro published that 85% of French people will not keep their “good” resolutions. The same goes for the United States. Only 12% of our neighbors reach their goals. According to Daniel Wallen, writer and blogger on happiness and motivation for Lifehack, a company specializing in personal development, several reasons could explain why our New Year's resolutions are not successful. For example, treating a marathon like a sprint, not listening to your body or not taking note of its progress are probably among the biggest obstacles if not to say demotivators.

The expression the smallest action is better than the greatest intention then takes on its full meaning. Whether for prevention or after prostate cancer, this approach can help improve your health or maintain good morale, an essential element for your well-being. So how to keep your resolutions?

One thing, one step or one change at a time!

We are naturally reluctant to change. So if you choose to do several at once, you may get discouraged fairly quickly and your changes may seem unrealistic. It is better to proceed in stages: one small change at a time. When a small change is well assimilated (eg walking for lunch or eating an extra vegetable with meals) add a new one to your routine. And above all, be proud of yourself!

The following articles discuss, in their own way, how to give yourself a little boost. Especially Tips to change a habit. We hope they are inspiring for you of course. So why not take a deep breath and take the time to read what is suggested below. Who knows? Maybe we will make a difference in your life... Happy reading!

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