Can inflammation of the prostate be prevented?

Can inflammation of the prostate be prevented? It is not known what causes most cases of prostatitis and there is no sure way to prevent inflammation of the prostate. In fact, most cases of prostatitis cannot be prevented. Most often, the nerves and muscles in the pelvis cause pain due to local inflammation that affects the nerves in the area or, less commonly, due to a bacterial infection. It may take a few tests to understand exactly why you are in pain. It is important to try to find the cause.

Still, there are many small lifestyle changes that can help relieve your symptoms and prevent your problem from getting worse. If you already have prostate problems, try these 10 tips.

Urinate at regular intervals – Refraining to urinate because you do not have time or have no access to a bathroom, is never a good idea. It is important to urinate frequently and completely to properly empty your bladder and the entire urinary tract of any germs that may cling to it.

Stand up when possible – When you sit for long periods of time, this puts pressure on your prostate. Try to avoid sitting for too long.

Get moving – Take the time to exercise at least three times a week. Take a walk, stretch, wash your car, do some gardening, etc. Physical activity can reduce feelings of anxiety, which are linked to certain types of prostatitis. Men with inflammation of the prostate also report that exercising relieves their symptoms.

Eat more fruits and vegetables – They are rich in nutrients that can keep your body healthy and help you fight infections and inflammation.

Eat less spicy – No research has shown that eating certain foods can prevent prostatitis. But spicy foods, like hot peppers, can upset your bladder and make symptoms of prostatitis worse.

Limit alcohol (especially white wine), tea, coffee – These substances make symptoms worse, as they likely irritate the bladder and/or have a diuretic effect, which causes you to urinate more.

Stay hydrated – Some types of prostatitis are caused when bacteria in your urinary tract enter your prostate and cause an infection. Make sure you stay hydrated (1.5L to 2L per day) to keep your urine diluted and your bladder empty and cleared.

Practice good hygiene – Keep your penis and perineum area clean to avoid infections.

Practice safe sex– Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) sometimes cause prostatitis.

Maintain a healthy weight – Being overweight is not good for your prostate. Try to lose extra pounds by eating healthy, being active and getting enough sleep.

See your doctor when something is wrong. Do you notice that you go to the bathroom more than normal or do you feel pain when you pee? It could be a sign that something is wrong with your prostate. Any of these signs is a good reason to see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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