July 23, 2019

Case Stories: Eric and William

We have already shared the stories of Franck and Paul (Jean François et Michel), as well as those of  Larry and Charles (Laurent et Charles). Here are now those of Eric and William (Yvon et William), taken from the new book edition Prostate Cancer - Understand the disease and its treatments, 2019.

 "[…] Eric, 73 years old, Retired Journalist"***

"Eric has had coronary bypass surgery. His cancer seems fairly aggressive at stage T2 and scoring 8 (grades 4 + 4) on the Gleason scale. His PSA level is 20. Eric wants a treatment that will help control his disease and give him hope for recovery. Given his age and history of heart disease, he and his doctor choose radiation therapy rather than surgery. Adding hormone therapy to radiation for two or three years will help him control the disease better in the long term and increase his chances of survival." (Fred Saad, MD, FRCSC and Michael McCormack, MD, FRCSC, 2019, p. 110)

*** As Yvon has already had cardiovascular problems and will undertake hormone therapy, we will encourage him to download and print the two leaflets Prostate cancer and heart health, one addressed to Eric (the patient) and the other to hand over to his family doctor.

"[…] William, 71 years old, Retired Accountant"

"William is still alert and in good shape, with no known medical conditions other than localized prostate cancer that is at stage T2 and scores 7 (grades 3 + 4) on the Gleason scale. William’s PSA level is 10. Relating his family history, William mentions that his parents died at the ages of 98 and 99. The doctor determines that William probably has a similar life expectancy and presents the three treatment options—active surveillance, radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy—explaining the benefits and drawbacks of each. William opts for radical prostatectomy to maximize his chances of long-term recovery" (Fred Saad, MD, FRCSC and Michael McCormack, MD, FRCSC, 2019, p. 98)

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Written by PROCURE. © All rights reserved - 2019

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