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Preparing well: the key to taming side effects

What does it mean Preparing well: the key to taming side effects? This means taking charge of yourself to be able to tame and manage the side effects associated with prostate cancer treatments, in the event of a diagnosis. All of this requires patience, perseverance, resilience and self-investment. In other words, to participate in a

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Your pelvic rehabilitation in 5 points

Physiotherapy in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation is often recommended by urologists, especially following radical prostate surgery. To familiarize yourself, here is your pelvic rehabilitation in 5 points. But before tackling these 5 points, you absolutely must watch the webinar on the matter. The physiotherapist, a specialist in perineal health, explains in detail the reason for incontinence

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Alternative medicine or treatment?

Alternative medicine has always caused a lot of ink to flow and has attracted more than one patient to its web. Alternative medicine or treatment is a debate, which one could almost call life or death when it comes to serious diseases such as cancer, HIV, etc. To understand, in alternative medicine there is no

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Prostate cancer: facing your diagnosis

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is a stressful event that often leads to feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and uncertainty about the future. Facing your diagnosis can provoke strong emotional reactions, such as fear, a feeling of loneliness and loss of control over your life. This is all normal! But… where to start? Once the dust

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Biopsy: what do the numbers mean?

Have you recently had a prostate cancer test followed by a biopsy and with your report in hand, having trouble capturing the results? The article Biopsy: what do the numbers mean? is intended to help you understand the significance of the Gleason grades and score in the pathology report of your biopsy. What you need

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From your prostate to screening in 5 points

From your prostate to screening in 5 points. Gentlemen, are you over 50 years old, or have you been having urinary problems for some time now? Several diseases can affect your prostate, and it’s important to detect them early. Let’s take a closer look. The size of a walnut, the prostate is located just below

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Know your prostate cancer risk

You are 50 years old, you are in great shape, you are active and eat healthily. In other words, you take care of yourself and care about your health. So why is it important to know your prostate cancer risk? Most cancers are caused by many risk factors, but besides age, prostate cancer sometimes develops in men

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I think it’s a urinary tract infection

Do you have urinary symptoms accompanied by pain or burning when you urinate? It could be a urinary tract infection. UTI is much rarer in men than in women. It has two major causes: a sexually transmitted disease or complications related to your prostate. Infection can happen when harmful bacteria lodges in your urinary tract.

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My bladder is full and I am no longer urinating!

A sudden and painful inability to voluntarily empty the bladder suggests acute urinary retention. My bladder is full and I am no longer urinating means consult urgently! It is more common in men than women and is most often due to an enlarged prostate or BPH. The latter can compress the urethra, to the point

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Managing stress to ease BPH symptoms

Why is it important to better manage stress to ease BPH symptoms? To improve your quality of life. It’s easy to understand how the symptoms of an enlarged prostate or BPH can cause stress. Having an urgent need to find a bathroom at work, while traveling or when you’re on a golf course or on

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Chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome?

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome, previously known as chronic prostatitis, is a condition that mainly manifests as pelvic pain, but other symptoms can accompany this condition as well. The causes of chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) are not well understood. This problem has traditionally been treated with antibiotics, although bacteria are rarely involved. It can persist

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The Mediterranean Diet ranked best diet in 2021

The results came in and for the fourth year in a row, the Mediterranean diet was chosen as the best diet to follow in 2021, according to US News and World Report, which was in its 11th annual review of the best diets. Indeed, an expert panel of 25 of the country’s top physicians, nutritionists

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5 Tips for slimmer, healthier, and tastier meals

Whether you want to prevent prostate cancer or simply eat well, here are 5 tips for slimmer, healthier, and tastier meals. But to get there, it’s important to find recipes that will satisfy your appetite, without overdoing it or giving in to snacking impulses. In fact, swapping out calorie-dense food for a healthier choice while staying true

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Weight gain: I can’t see my toes anymore

Many men with prostate cancer struggle with other health problems such as being overweight or having cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. In those who do not have these problems but are on hormone therapy, the risk of their occurrence can increase, along with unwanted weight gain, due to the drop in the testosterone levels, causing the

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Hot flashes SOS

About 50 to 80% of men who receive hormone therapy for prostate cancer will feel hot flashes during their treatment, just like women who have to go through the throes of menopause. It is a sudden sensation of heat in the face and chest which then spreads to the rest of the body in waves, lasting

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Where has my libido gone?

Libido or sexual desire is defined by this desire or sexual appetite for sexuality, in any form whatsoever: through intercourse or through masturbation. In men, testosterone is the main sex hormone. It, therefore, has a strong influence on your sexuality and on related physiological functions, such as your erections. However, decreased interest in sex is

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How to take care of your bones

Treatment for osteoporosis aims to increase bone mass and reduce the risk of fractures. How to take care of your bones is an article co-authored by two experts – a dietitian and a doctor-researcher – to make you aware of the role that the health of your bones and muscles plays in your well-being! By Roxanne Bennett,

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A beautiful cancer? Really?

That’s what they say … “If you’re going to have cancer, might as well be prostate cancer. That’s a beautiful cancer.” Yeah… right! Here is the testimonial from André Mouton, a prostate cancer survivor, when he learned the news that we give to 12 men every day in Quebec. My reaction to my diagnosis When you

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Male Osteoporosis

Nicknamed “the silent thief” due to the absence of symptoms, osteoporosis is often only detected at a later stage following a fracture. Male Osteoporosis is an article co-authored by two experts – a dietitian and a doctor-researcher – to make you aware of the role that the health of your bones and muscles plays in your well-being!

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